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A Quick Thank You!

This post is going to break from my typical info-rich articles, but Wild Birds Mt. Pleasant is currently celebrating customers. We have some great savings available for all of our customers through the 12th! I just wanted to take a minute to show y’all how much our customers mean to us.

Hosting events for all ages are some of our favorite days!

I have worked for Wild Birds Unlimited for a total of 5 years (3 in the Spartanburg store, 2 in Mt. Pleasant), and the customers were/are my favorite aspect of it. I have met some of the most interesting and kindest people through working at Wild Birds.

One customer shared her love for Elvis Presley with me by loaning me a DVD of one of his finest concerts. I will never be able to listen to Elvis without thinking of her. Another customer would reminisce with me about classic Rock bands that he used to listen to when he was my age. He opened up my interests in music, and I learned a lot from him. Another woman told me about the poetry of Billy Collins who is now one of my favorites.

Customers often give us great suggestions for new interests or explorations! I have gotten book recommendations, recipes, TV show suggestions, and much more from customers because our customers interact with us. And that makes all the difference.

Our annual Ugly Sweater Day is a favorite too!

Our motto at Wild Birds Unlimited is “We bring people and nature together.” The two most important things remain in our focus: people and nature. While I have had conversations with customers about everything under the sun, the conversations about their birds are by far my favorite. It lets us know that we are doing a good job and nothing is more satisfying to us than when we have a customer tell us that they finally saw a painted bunting at their feeder or that they loved watching the bluebirds feed their young.

All of us at Wild Birds Unlimited absolutely love the beauty and complexity behind birds which is why we all are happy and grateful for the opportunity to share our passion with others. My favorite customer though was a 7 year-old girl who sprinted into the store a week after her first visit to tell me all of the birds she had attracted with her new suet cake. She was beaming and wanted to know what else she could put out for her “birdies.” Behind her stood her grandmother, who has been a customer for years. The grandmother was smiling ear to ear because she got to share the hobby she loved with her granddaughter. I smiled too because I got to share the same hobby with them. That is what makes our job such a delight!

Our customers mean everything to us, and so I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for being so kind, excited, curious, and communicative with us. Thank you again!

And lastly, congratulations to Stella and Chris for getting married!!!

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